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01 June 2009 @ 01:42 pm
so my cold is still there D: oh well. it's a bit coughing and a bit nose flowing, nothing serious.

serious was, that I missed the time to applicate for a dorm in summerholidays ㅠㅠ and since I don't have family here or friends where I can stay, I was like I had to live on the streets. I'm glad I managed to get a room for 19.000 won for each of those 71 nights. it's still expensive than staying here at the university, but it's still better than a hotel (80.000~120.000 per night). it's like a dorm also, with doublerooms and such.

now I just have to see where I shall leave my mum ㅠㅠ

on a random note, it's 27 degrees in here (better than the 30 degrees last week) and I ... think it's cold! =_=;; *puts on socks*
23 May 2009 @ 10:14 pm
so me has a cold. my voice was not hearable/existent yesterday. (mum, please don't send me any tissues anymore. everytime you send me tissues I get a cold D: ) and the medicine is BLEH! XP plus, I seem to have an allergy on it, since my whole decoltee has red points D:

I'm too tired to answer things and such ㅠㅠ .... (wait, 'things and such' makes not much sense .. ah, whatever ... )

on another note, I finally managed to not biting on my nails too much, so that they are quite grown out now and I finally can use nailpolish without it looking stupid. 8D
(and not that kind of 'grown out' like I had earlier, the scary one.)
21 April 2009 @ 10:34 pm
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07 April 2009 @ 02:36 pm
lol, I just start off somehow, because I don't think I get to tell the whole story >_>


I'm doing really well.

the korean course is nice and there are a lot of japanese I really like. they're the only ones I speak english with lol. But there's also Bbon, she comes from Thailand. She looks exactly liek Go Ara D: (please search for 'Go Ara' in Google now.)
but somehow, hanging around with the japanese makes me want to learn japanese again ㅠㅠ I almost losty everything I learnt. 日本語をべんきょうをしたい ㅠㅠ

march 22nd, Kim Jong kook was here at our school and gave a concert! D: (please youtube 'Kim Jong kook lovely' now) i don't know him that well, but he is quite famous and I thought, when I already have the chance :'D and it was really cool! but like the L'arc en ciel concert, I really enjoyed the concert, but didn't came to reallyu listen to his music afterwards :|

but, I have two new favorite artists: My Aunt mary and W&Whale :'D (please youtube now)
I missed the W&Whale concert ㅠㅠ I'm really sad about it. BUT I hope I can go to My Aunt mary, even though I'd more likely want to go to W&Whale ㅠㅠ

BUT! Yesterday Alice asked me to help her carrying the bags full of presents for Super Junior's Eunhyuk. We went to a radioshow Eunhyuk and Eeteuk where the MCs of. AND! SURPRISE! Whale was there also o_o when she went past us in the Lobby, I was like 'Is that Whale? noo... why would she be here? but she looks exactly like her' ㅠㅠ and then when we saw the radioshow (there was a window outside where you could watch it) I recognized it was really her ㅠㅠ i liked to watch her :3 She's really cool x3 but I could neither make a photo of her nor wink her D: cause stupid me took too long with the camera tyhe only moment she was really near ㅜㅜ Whale unni~~~
but I'll swear, the next time she goes to that radio again, I'll follow her D<

I also went to the soccer game South Korea VS North Korea. That was cool :'D
not that it was an interesting game (too much koreans died the 2nd halftime =_=;;) but it was kind of cool to be there and shout '대한민국' :'D

we got a sterilization today. .... LOOL. when we read the paper in the elevater 'Sterilization on april 7th' we were like 'eh whut?' and the fact that we saw a movie before in our 'Religion and Culture' class where also 'beschneidung' was mentioned, didn't helped at all ... D:
but in the end it was a desinfection for our room? idk, I wasn't there ...

yes. the facts of the month ... or sth like that...
messy entry is messy.

P.S.: 'workking' for OTG as a translator makes really fun. now we discovered that he wrotes messages at his fancafe :'D made of cuteness <3
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22 February 2009 @ 04:59 pm
I should be happy and exited, but I'm kind of afraid :|

a slight touch of greenCollapse )

the bed I originally slept atCollapse )

the wall I wanted to changeCollapse )

my room is messy as hellCollapse )
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08 February 2009 @ 11:04 pm
I actually just thought of this journal as kind of ... idk ... to keep the three entries I made when I was in Korea back then XD;



so I have my flight now. starting february 23rd it goes to Korea again ... no idea for how long though ... we'll see.

so now all I have is the acception at the Ewha University and my flight. now I need the rest >_>;;
why do I always start so late to do all the things DX

anyway, this will become my diary once again :'D

hope I'll use it XD

don't know if I change the layout ... : |
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02 August 2008 @ 07:19 pm
So yesterday evening we went to downtown. First we eat sth. It was quite fun since nobody of us understood the menu :x so we ordered the one with the word 'pig' in the hope it would be pork. ... i think we got to eat pig intestines? at first it looked somewhat awkward, but then it was okay and with all that other stuff you could eat it with it was quite tasty. I think I ate a lot? In the restaurant they played a lot of songs I knew *_* like SGWannabe, VOS, MC Mong and even Epik High TWO TIMES!!! :D
after the meal we went to a noraebang (karaoke) but since we were 12 people we had to split up. but some of us didn't liked the idea of splitting up into two rooms. so we splitted into the group who wanted to sing (7) and the others went to a bar. the noraebang was sooooo cooooo~~~l :D even though we sung a lot of english songs. My friend and me tried to sing Epik highs 'LOVEx3' but it was too difficult >< so we just sung the refrain and sometimes the end of the lines 'bon jok' xD It was fun. but I want to go again and sing korean songs since I don't know english songs that much. After the noraebang we went to the bar to the others but then my friend and me wanted to go to a shop we've seen before, but it was closed. so we just bought our breakfeast for next morning and went home.

Today we were at an old village (and we met cute cameraman from mbc again <3) It was quite intersting, but way toooooo HOT! ('I'm so hot ... 난 너무예뻐요...'~) we got bulgogi for lunch :3 and later our teacher bought us korean plumtea. it was quite ... sweet? somehow I didn't really liked it, but it was okay. But, it was cold and refreshing. after that we drove a bit with the bus and visited an old school. there was a stream, but with my foot I wasn't able to go in. But I went in with the other foot :D then we drove to the beach, but then again I didn't wanted to have sand under my bandage since I'm not able to change it. I bought our dinner instead (ramyeon <3) In the shop I saw one of those advertisements with shiwon and kangin and two girls of sonyeoshidae :O I wanted to make a photo but since I was inside a store I guess it would have benn awkward >< Of course I had to buy then what they advertised for:

and before we went to bus the friend of our teacher bought us icecream :D i got green melonice of course <3

Today was a funny day :3
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01 August 2008 @ 04:35 pm
Hi~ ^^

How are you?

My leg is better now. wednesday I was at the hospital. korean hospitals are complicated. but the doctors are better. they took a blood sample of me =_= it hurt ;_; and my foot was x-rayed. to be x-rayed in korea is expensive. but luckily our health insurance company will pay for it :D I got a bandage and an injection (hurt ;_;). thursday I had to come again and the doctor looked. It was quite better. He said i have to come on monday again but then all will be good :D Medicine I got too. 4 pills after each meal, so per day I have to eat 12 pills =__= but at least there's also a green one :D

I'm so hot ... 난 너무 예뻐요~Collapse )

so, see you later ^o^
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29 July 2008 @ 08:25 pm
Hi ^^~

After some looong looong and terrible tiring flights, I don't want to talk about, since it's boring, I think I got slowly adjusted to this place (with all these cute things *queeeeeeeeek* even those bins for umbrellas o_o).

I bought a new pencilcase and new pencils and pens since I lost mine at the plane ;_;

honestly, I'm not sure anymore if I got to draw suju pic challenge since our timeplanner is really full @_@

short version: first three (or how long are we here?) daysCollapse )
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